Reflections on the Armistice centenary

No doubt many of us have been reflecting on the horrors of the First World War following the solemnities of this weekend.  I attended a wreath-laying ceremony in a Dorset town for 163 who died, including a boy who was killed on the last day of the War, and in the evening read the recently rediscovered account of my great-uncle.  Coming from a Quaker family, he wouldn’t fight, but he raised his own brigade of Cornish engineers, who clearly did sterling service.  The evidence is that he won MC and bar.     Reading this account at the same time as  watching the various docudramas with footage of shells exploding in the middle of marching columns, flooded trenches and corpses brings home why this war remains even after 100 years the one which cannot be forgotten.  Was anybody else brought up on Flanders and Swann’s song ‘The War of 14 18’? However, I was also struck by a comment on the radio that perhaps after the centenary celebrations it is time to move on.  When I was young, there were plenty alive who had fought and suffered in that war: today there aren’t that many alive who were actively involved in the Second World War, and of course none in the first. It was heartening to see the turn-out at the Dorset wreath-laying.  The broad street was full for several hundred yards.  Is there a way to turn that gratitude into something for the future, not the past?​

William participates in Professional Pensions LDI breakfast roundtable

On 2nd November 2018, William participated in a Professional Pensions LDI breakfast roundtable.

Mukesh Malhotra attends Vanguard Investment Symposium

On 17th October 2018, Mukesh attended the Vanguard Investment Symposium in London.

Upcoming events

Please find below some upcoming events our team members will be attending:  8th November 2018 - Baillie Gifford London Investment Presentation - William attending 13th November 2018 - LPFA Employers Forum - London - William attending 20th November 2018 - Aberdeen Standard Investors Conference - London - William attending 21st November 2018 - Investing with Impact Summit - London - William attending 23rd November 2018 - East Sussex Pension Fund Employer Forum - East Sussex - William attending 6th - 7th December 2018 - The LAPFF Annual Conference - Bournemouth - William attending 17th - 18th January 2019 - LGPS governance seminar - William is participating in a roundtable on responsible investing​

Mukesh Malhotra attends European Sustainable Investment Summit

On 9th October 2018, Mukesh attended the European Sustainable Investment Summit in London.

William Bourne attends Nottinghamshire Local Government pension fund agm

On 4th October 2018, William attended Nottinghamshire Local Government Pension Fund agm in Nottingham. 

William Bourne participates in Professional Pensions/Blackrock roundtable

On 2nd October 2018, William participated in a Professional Pensions roundtable hosted in partnership with BlackRock discussing 'Removing the hype - integrating cashflow management into LDI', in London.

William Bourne attends LAPF Investment Awards dinner

On 20th September 2018, William attended the LAPF Investment Awards dinner in London.