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Company and Regulation Details

© Copyright Linchpin IFM Limited. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without permission is prohibited except as allowed under International copyright laws. All the text, graphics, design, content and other works are the copyrighted works of Linchpin IFM Limited.


Registered Owner

This website is owned and maintained by Linchpin IFM Limited, registered office: 4 Stirling House Sunderland Quay, Culpeper Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HN and is a company registered in England and Wales under registration no. 07227461. Linchpin IFM Limited is an Appointed Representative of Crossborder Capital Ltd (154453) and of Arcus Investment (188741) who are both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA").


Linchpin IFM is an appointed representative of CrossBorder Capital Ltd and also of Arcus Investment Ltd, which are both entities authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  As such Linchpin IFM is considered an Exempt Person under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Nothing on this website is or should be construed as communicating an invitation or an inducement to engage in investment activity.  Nor should it be used or considered as an advisory or offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer or advisory to buy any securities or funds. Any information contained herein does not imply any knowledge of the entire universe of funds and Linchpin IFM Ltd. may or may not receive a fee from the fund manager for the promotion of such funds.



All content of the website is owned by Linchpin IFM Limited. Where no third party rights are listed, you may print pages and store one copy for your personal use. You must not alter any details and may not distribute the information to others. Any other use is prohibited unless you first get our written permission. In particular, no one may use part of our website on any other website, or link any other website to our Site, without prior written permission.


The information and materials

Information contained in this website is reviewed by Linchpin IFM Limited on a regular basis. Whilst we have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained within the pages of this site is accurate, current and complies with relevant UK legislation and regulations as at the date of issue, errors or omissions may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.


Reliance of information posted

Linchpin IFM Limited does not assume any liability or guarantee for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. This further applies to other websites that can be accessed through hyperlinks. Linchpin IFM Limited assumes no responsibility for the content of its website that can be accessed through such links. Linchpin IFM Limited use reasonable efforts to obtain information from reliable sources, but all Publications provided are on an “as is” basis without representation or warranty of any kind (neither express nor implied). Specifically, Linchpin IFM Limited disclaims liability towards any subscriber, client, partner, supplier, counterparty and other recipients for:


  • the accuracy of any market quotations; 
  • any delays, inaccuracies, errors, interruption or omission in providing market quotations; and 
  • any discontinuance of market quotations.



The Publications of Linchpin IFM Limited are not updated after release and may become inaccurate and possibly misleading after a period of time due to their changing circumstances. Therefore, Linchpin IFM Limited does not guarantee against, and assumes no liability towards, any recipient for a Publication being outdated.


No recommendations

Linchpin IFM Limited does not in any of its Publications take into account any particular recipient’s investment objectives, specific investment goals, financial circumstances and specific needs and demands. Therefore, all Linchpin IFM Limited publications are, unless otherwise specifically stated, intended for  informational and/or marketing purposes only and should not be construed as:


  • business, financial, investment, hedging, legal, regulatory, tax or accounting advice; 
  • a recommendation or trading idea; or 
  • any other type of encouragement to act, invest or divest in a particular manner.


Linchpin IFM Limited shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on a perceived Recommendation. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary (not even if specifically stated), no Publication (including possible Recommendations) shall be construed as a representation or warranty (neither express nor implied) that the recipient will profit from trading in accordance with a trading strategy set forth in a Publication or that the recipient will not sustain losses from trading in accordance with a trading strategy set forth in a Publication. Linchpin IFM Limited shall only be liable (in accordance with the “Exclusion of Liability” section below) if a possible Recommendation is not of a good professional standard.


Risk Warning

The past performance of any investment is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Should you be in any doubt, please seek professional advice.


Accessing the Website

We make no warranty or representation that the pages of this site can be accessed at all times during the UK hours of business. This site may be temporarily unavailable or restricted for administrative or other reasons. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the loss of the use of this site.


Changes to the Website

Linchpin IFM Limited reserves the right to change or amend the content, presentation, performance, facilities and availability of all or part of the pages of this site at our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.



Nothing on the pages of this site constitutes financial, legal or other professional advice in any way and you should consult your financial adviser or other professional adviser if you require financial, legal or other professional advice.


Internet Email

Please note that there is no guarantee that any email sent will be received, or that the contents of such email will remain private, secure or unaltered during internet transmission. Should you have any concerns, please telephone or write to us via our contact details stated on this site. We accept no liability for any damages you or others may suffer as a result of the alteration or loss of confidentiality of any such information. We maintain strict security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorised access to information about you. Linchpin IFM Limited will never contact you by email or otherwise to ask you to validate personal information such as your User ID, password or account number. Should you receive such a request, please contact our Compliance Department immediately via email: or, should you prefer, please contact us by telephone at: 0203 637 6341.


We reserve the right to monitor the use and content of emails which are sent from and received by us for the purposes of ensuring compliance with our Email Policy, and for identifying and taking action against unlawful or improper use of, or attacks on, our systems.


Computer Misuse - Viruses, hacking and other offences

We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any attack by a third party on our systems or for any computer virus or other malicious or technologically harmful material due to your use of this site.



Any software, multimedia files, photographs, reports and other documents are downloaded at your own risk. We do not warrant the suitability of any such downloads and accept no liability for any problems with your computer that may arise as a result.


Exclusion of Liability

The information contained in the pages of this website is for information purposes only. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in their preparation, Linchpin IFM Limited does not make any warranties or representations as to their accuracy or reliability. Neither does Linchpin IFM Limited accept, nor assume any responsibility in relation to the contents of these pages which should not be relied upon as accurate. The information on this website may be updated from time to time and may at times be out of date.


Linchpin IFM Limited accepts no responsibility for keeping the information on this website up to date or liability for any failure to do so.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Use of this website shall be made subject only to the laws of England and Wales which shall exclusively govern the interpretation, application and effect of all the above permissions, exclusions, licences and conditions of use. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims or disputes arising in relation to, out of, or in connection with this website and its use.


The information contained on this website does not constitute a distribution, an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offers is not authorised to any person. Therefore, the content in these pages should not be accessed from jurisdictions where such products and services would constitute a violation of mandatory applicable legislation or regulation.


Where international regulatory authorities have jurisdiction over the contents of this website, Linchpin IFM Limited have attempted to ensure compliance with the requirements of such international regulatory bodies however, no representation or warranty is made as to whether the information complies with the regulatory authorities of countries from which the pages in this website should not be accessed.


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