For many, Japan is still somewhat of a mystery. Not least because of the spectacularly complex nature of its language and culture. (Think “Lost in Translation”!)


And for others, due to the distinct smell of burning from fingers gingerly dipped into the equity market or short positions in Japanese bonds over the past 30 years, the Land of the Rising Sun is looking decidedly overcast.


Yet, despite this, Japan remains the third largest economy in the world, the second largest equity market and, in many ways, an indicator of trends in other developed countries.




As we see it, Japan should be regarded as a happy hunting ground for investors - an inefficient market and plenty of stocks which even today remain relatively undiscovered by the world's investors.


Whilst it has recently adopted the same corporate governance code as the UK and stated earnings growth over the past 15 years is not dissimilar to that of the US, this is all in an environment where aggregate gearing is almost zero and accounting is demonstrably more prudent.


Our view at Linchpin is, what’s not to like?




Linchpin can help you deal with the difficulties of investing here so that you can uncover potential opportunities.


With Linchpin on your side, you’ll have confidence in your Japanese investments and the ability to interpret events with greater insight.


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