More than ever, successful investing for the long term requires clarity of thinking. With so much noise, data and distraction getting in the way, how can you be sure of making the right decision? Not least when you’re dealing with a large and sophisticated fund management company, investment bank or actuary who could well be considerably better resourced than you are.


By law, pension funds are obliged to take independent expert advice. But it also makes sense for anyone about to make an important investment decision to use an independent pair of eyes to challenge their reasoning – or indeed, that of their usual investment consultant. A different perspective can bring greater conviction to the decision you are about to make. Or, perhaps, make you question that decision.




Over many years, our advisers have gained invaluable experience in a multitude of markets and asset classes, giving us a highly robust starting point. We also have the technical knowledge to ask the right questions of service and product providers... and to interpret if they lapse into financial market gobbledegook! All too often, a presentation will paint a rosy picture without revealing all the potential pitfalls. Plus our approach is underpinned by CrossBorder Capital’s data-based framework for understanding markets.




With a Linchpin adviser by your side, you will have a greater understanding of what you are investing in, what the range of returns is likely to be and what might happen in a worst case scenario. This is, of course, particularly important if you have a fiduciary responsibility.


In practical terms, an independent advisory role can be delivered in a number of ways. At the more formal end, it may involve legal responsibility as a non-executive director or trustee. At the less formal, it may simply be an advisory role on a committee. But the function of that role will always be to help you come to good decisions.




Depending on the investor, the focus may be on fund selection, in which case there will be a strong interaction with governance. Or it may be a focus on a country, such as Japan, where we have a 30 year association and act as consultant to one highly successful boutique fund manager.


Or it may be asset allocation, where Linchpin - associated with liquidity data specialists, CrossBorder Capital Ltd - have a long track record of adding value.


Whatever the focus, Linchpin can help you see the wood for the trees, and help you identify investments which will deliver your long term objective rather than simply what is fashionable today.


So for now, why not invest in a phone call to William Bourne on 0203 637 6341 or email him at: or use the online contact form.