Against a backdrop of ever-increasing complexity and sophistication in the financial markets – and in the regulatory issues that particularly affect the public sector – isn’t it reassuring to know that Linchpin is just a phone call away?




Here at Linchpin, we remain passionate believers in the LGPS. Behind the scheme are over five million members, many of whom are at the lower end of the pay-scale. At a time of great change, making sure they get the pensions they expect – and deserve – really does matter.


So we provide our expertise to help those with responsibility for managing LGPS Funds get the best out of the gorilla-like entities who increasingly influence their future i.e. the major fund managers, accountants, investment consultants and the new pools.


Since 2009, we have been active as advisers to LGPS funds - both on investment and governance matters. We are also active commentators in public forums and vociferous defenders when the scheme comes under unjustified attack. You can find out more about our views in our Blog pages.




In recent years, we have spent an increasing amount of time working with charities – including an independent review of the General Medical Council’s investment arrangements for its roughly £75m of cash and reserves. In making our arguments and recommendations, we had to be aware of the need to bring stakeholders along with us on the journey; true in all organisations but particularly so for charities. Linchpin’s independent and constructive approach has helped them resolve a number of issues and move forward with their investment arrangements.


We offer the same Linchpin qualities as we do for our LGPS clients, using our knowledge, expertise and independence to ensure that charities are able to identify the path that best works for them, even if it isn’t necessarily the most convenient for their service providers. In particular, we provide advice on both investment and good governance – and especially where those two areas intersect. When needed, we bring in specialist expertise to work alongside us – but, ultimately, we always remain responsible for what we recommend to you.


Like the LGPS, charities are not-for-profits organisations. This brings higher standards of scrutiny and openness, as well as additional sets of regulations and laws which need to be complied with. The public nature of charities, where reputation is so important to donors, makes offering good value for money essential, something we think also differentiates us from a lot of larger companies.


To find out more please call William Bourne on 020 3637 6341, email him at or use the online contact form.