Press release - Mukesh Malhotra joins Linchpin

We are delighted to announce that Mukesh Malhotra is joining us at Linchpin.  Mukesh brings a wealth of experience, both of the LGPS from his role as Chair of the London Borough of Hounslow Pension Fund and Executive Director of LAPFF, but also of scrutiny and auditing from his private sector career at British Airways.  Best of all, his approach to his roles and duties is aligned with our core principles of energy, experience, insight and integrity.

As we expand, he will be helping us to provide the independent advice on governance and investments which we are becoming known for.

About Linchpin:
Linchpin has for eight years been carving out a niche providing an independent advisory service on governance and investments to investing institutions including pension funds, charities and endowments.  Our aim is to give clients reassurance that their decision-making processes are consistent with good practice and that they really are getting what they need out of service providers such as investment consultants, fund managers and actuaries, and at an appropriate price.

For more information please contact:
William Bourne - 
Mukesh Malhotra - 
Telephone - +44 20 3637 6341