​Global credit and money flow data from end January now available

We now have February reports on global credit and money flows available for purchase.  Provided by our friends at CrossBorder Capital Ltd, there are three separate versions.   One covers fourteen major markets and regions, the second covers Emerging Markets, and the third the Asian region from Pakistan to Japan.  The data used is end-January, and they give a heads up on where liquidity is strongest (Brazil heads the pack) and where weakest (Japan at present).   We don’t think there is any data out there that provides a quicker sight of what’s really going on in the world.


The main theme today is the shift in liquidity from Developed to Emerging Markets.  Even the ECB is now tightening, while Emerging Markets policy, led by China, remains relatively loose.  More important right now is the surge in capital flows towards Emerging Markets, as investors of all sorts redeploy capital to higher growth areas.  


It all suggests that Emerging Markets economies and markets will outperform Developed Markets over the next year or two.  If, as at Linchpin we expect, the trend for a weaker US$ continues, that may lead market investors to the same conclusion. 


Find out more by purchasing these reports from the liquidity tab on this website.