You don't have to be a gold bug to buy gold today;
there are good fundamental reasons to own it

Our colleagues at CrossBorder Capital have long-held a bullish view of the gold bullion price, setting a long-term target of US$3,200/oz six years ago in March 2011. This figure represents the value required to keep the monetary value of the gold stock in line with the vast accumulation of paper debt. The target was never likely to be a straight-line prediction, but the monetary rollercoaster witnessed over recent years is testimony to the uncertainties of Central Bank policies and the associated fragility in credit markets. They have released a report today arguing two things: first that the two monetary drivers of the gold price are now much better aligned to support a further near-term rally and second that the future trend towards higher gold prices will be set by the monetary consequences of key geo-political change involving the US and China. CrossBorder reiterate their view that gold and commodities will be star performers in 2017.​