Whether you’re in the public or private sector, why, as an investing institution might you consider the independent advisory services of Linchpin? The answer starts with the complexity of today’s financial markets; our dear friend the computer has enabled vastly more complicated investment propositions to be put forward by highly sophisticated product producers.

Whilst these propositions may prove lucrative, the problem is that the interlinked nature of today’s financial markets makes it harder for an investor to understand where the risks behind these seemingly attractive investments or propositions really lie. Then there’s the regulatory environment you must comply with. As a minimum there will be an industry regulator, such as The Pensions Regulator, but there may also be legislation and guidance coming out of Europe, such as MIFID, or from Government, such as the LGPS investment regulations. And, of course, you may also have your own stated principles on responsible or sustainable investment.

But the most important reason, particularly if resources are scarce, is that you often find yourself dealing with entities considerably larger than yourself, employing technical specialists and displaying oligopolistic characteristics. They will have their own agenda. But how do you know it will be in line with your best interests? It’s possible you could already be at a disadvantage before you engage with them.

So it’s reassuring to know that Linchpin stands on your side to ensure you obtain the result which is best for you, not your counter-party. This may involve unpacking the real return and reward from a proposed investment, or helping you implement a robust decision-making process via an appropriate governance regime. Often it will be in that awkward space where investments and governance meet. But our objective is always the same - to help you get the best from your resources.




 So what do we need to achieve this? First is the INSIGHT to be able to engage in detail with all counter-parties, whether the issue is performance measurement, a structured investment or liability matching.

The next ingredient, perhaps the most important, is INTEGRITY. Whilst the financial world is full of conflicts of interest which cannot always be regulated, absolute integrity, in the sense of working in the client’s interest only, is your surest safeguard. The core has to derive from character, but being independent and beholden to no-one is also key. When investing, objectivity is what is important, and we use a seasoned and proven data-based framework provided by one of our trusted partners.

Another key component is EXPERIENCE. Linchpin’s consultants have many years of working on all sides of the market and with many different kinds of client. From this we have developed a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t – and this isn’t the same for everybody. Our expertise includes both governance and investment, quoted and private markets, plus more esoteric asset classes such as hedge funds and infrastructure.


Finally, you can always expect high levels of ENERGY from your Linchpin adviser; if we can’t remain positive and enthusiastic about what we do, then why would you? We may be able to help you in some or all of the following ways: 


Investment - an ‘experienced friend’ at your side to ensure your investment consultant, actuary, accountant, performance measurer and/or custodian do what is best for you, not for them. Or alternatively, someone to challenge your own investment hypotheses.


Governance - an independent voice using our insight and experience to ensure your internal processes and monitoring are fit for purpose.


Asset Allocation - a constructive and genuinely objective challenge to your own investment hypotheses, whether strategic or tactical. Alternatively you can purchase the 'liquidity' data framework and analysis we use directly through this website.


Japan - advice and support if you wish to engage in this less familiar market.


Liquidity - global flows of money and credit clearly explained, with a range of products proven to help investors interpret the markets and make better decisions.


Charities & Public Sector - long experience of extra scrutiny and transparency, which is required of the public sector, as well as the need to be conscious of costs